Of Ages Past: The Writing of Anne Marie Gazzolo

"I cannot live without books!" My favorite quote of Thomas Jefferson sums it up! I am the author of Moments of Grace and Spiritual Warfare in The Lord of the Rings, which includes a chapter on The Hobbit. Other WIP's include a book on the journeys of Bilbo and Frodo (due out on their birthday 2018), a volume of poetry about a heroic quest and its aftermath, an original fantasy series, and another series anxiously awaiting its turn! 

About Me

I think being an aunt is the greatest thing in the world. I should know as my 11 nieces and nephews bring me much joy and love. I am also a great-aunt of 1 (so far!).


I am the author of Moments of Grace and Spiritual Warfare in The Lord of the Rings, which includes a chapter on The Hobbit as well. It is partly how active God is in the Third Age of Middle-earth and how those there either embrace His will for them or resist it, but in any case fulfill it, whether wittingly or not. It is also about how everything we need to know about life we can learn from those in that distant time and apply to ourselves today. I hope you will check it out!


My favorite person from Middle-earth is Frodo. Among the many reasons I love him is the sacrificial offering he makes of himself in his fearful but complete embrace of his vocation as Ring-bearer; the inspiration his endurance, courage, and
perseverance give, as he struggles out of love and obedience to fulfill his calling with faith and trust through horrific physical, mental, and spiritual conflict; and he is a scribe and scholar like me. A very close second favorite is Sam, who is not only Hope Unquenchable but Love Incarnate. I love Pippin for his hope and cheer and Tookishness; Merry for his beautiful words about friendship, as he and his fellow conspirators reveal what lengths they will to go to protect Frodo; and Faramir for being a gentleman and a gentle man, a hobbit in a man's skin.


For many years before I wandered into Middle-earth through The Lord of the Rings films, I was a completely obsessed Star Wars fan. I long loved Luke Skywalker for his love and compassion for those trapped in darkness and who places his own life and soul in peril to rescue them or at least attempt to do so. Return of the Jedi is my favorite from the original trilogy and Attack of the Clones from the second round. I loved those films!! Return has so much to teach us about forgiveness and the sacrificial nature of love and what lengths it wills to go. My favorite from the books is Mara Jade. What a fascinating arc her life took after she encountered Luke!


I am also a nearly life-long Trekkie. My favorite movies are The Wrath of Khan, Into Darkness, and The Voyage Home. Of the TV series, I love the classic Trek, The Next Generation, and Voyager.

Reading and writing has always been part of my life. My favorite spot to do it is on my balcony. There my sweet spot is! "It’s like being at home and on holiday at the same time,” as Sam Gamgee said of the Golden Wood. But any time and any place I can do this is fine with me.I have so many books inside me to write and so many outside to read!

I am one of those weird people who loved to research and write term papers in school. I still love research. I started my Master’s Degree in 2012 at the Mythgard Institute/Signum University, just so I could write more papers!


I love British history, especially medieval times, and British accents. I also greatly admire the English people during World War II. I believe in the innocence of Richard III; the Loch Ness monster; and Mary, Queen of Scots had no involvement in the murder of her second husband. I wonder what really happened to the Princes in the Tower and who or what caused the death of Amy Robsart. I would love to travel back into time and lament there is no TARDIS around when I need one. 


I would love to make a pilgrimage to the Eagle and Child pub in Oxford and see where the Inklings once sat and see many other places, including Roman and Arthurian sites.

I love to listen to music while I write. Besides Howard Shore’s magnificent soundtracks for The Lord of the Rings fillms, I also enjoy the LOTR musical soundtrack, The Piano Guys, pianist Mark Fowler, Jeremy Soule, and many other soundtrack masters.