Sub-creating Middle-earth

Sub-creating Middle-earth - Judith Klinger An interesting collection of essays on the authorship of the various books of Middle-earth, namely [b:The Silmarillion|7332|The Silmarillion (Middle-Earth Universe)|J.R.R. Tolkien||4733799], [b:The Hobbit: 70th Anniversary Edition Hardcover |21954891|The Hobbit 70th Anniversary Edition Hardcover |Illustrator) Christopher Tolkien (Introduction) J.R.R. Tolkien (Author||41261992], and [b:The Lord of the Rings|32|The Lord of the Rings|J.R.R. Tolkien||3462456]. Tolkien said more than once than he felt the stories he relayed for a modern audience were already there, so who were the original author(s)? Could such a question even be answered? Bilbo and Frodo certainly contributed large sections of what we know, but were there other authors as well? I especially enjoyed Judith Klinger's essay that dealt in part with Frodo's dreams. It was the reason I bought the book. She wrote another fascinating one in [b:Tolkien and Modernity 2|23623|Tolkien and Modernity 2|Thomas Honegger||24567] about the time in Shelob's lair. Recommended for the serious fan of Tolkien's sub-creation.