The Dark Tide (Iron Tower Trilogy) (Book 1)

The Dark Tide (Iron Tower Trilogy) (Book 1) - Dennis L. McKiernan

So many treasures are found in used bookstores! This is a loving tribute to The Lord of the Rings. There are plenty of references: the Warrows are Hobbits in all but name, the first chapter is called A Well-Attended Parting, there is mention of First and Second Yule, there is lembas (not so named of course), the use of Lor, and even an Elf named Gildor, the archaic speech that was LOTR-ish, etc. There are differences also, like the Warrows see even further than the Elves. This is no copy cat though but a strong tale of own of an epic against a terrible darkness. I look forward to continuing the saga!