The Hounds of the Morrigan by Pat O'Shea

The Hounds of the Morrigan - Pat O'Shea


This children's tale is of the evil goddess from Celtic mythology, Morrigan, and her allies. She plans a grand entrance into the world to wreak havoc upon it. Two women in her service come ahead to start the party.


Not far from where the two women take up residence, ten-year-old Pidge and his five-year-old sister, Brigit, live. Pidge obeys a strange compulsion to pick up an old book in a second-hand store that just opened. The book is actually from the pawn shop that used the space previously. The clerk at the bookstore allows Pidge to take the book for free.


Once Pidge gets home, Brigit tells him of the two strange women. Pidge begins to look at the ancient book and dreams (or does he?) he hears a voice who identifies himself as Dagda, the good Celtic god, who tells the boy to imprison within iron a loose page with a picture of a snake on it. There is a hint this piece of paper (or the illustration on it) has an evil sentience. Other people are aware of this book also and come looking for it.


And so begins Pidge and Brigit's grand and perilous adventure to save the world from the Morrigan, pursued by her hounds and other threats. The children receive aid by a variety of allies, including a talking frog, eel and weathervane. There's also an adorable family of spiders. Brigit is fearlessly brave, but Pidge knows more truly about the great dangers they face. These test their courage and commitment to their quest before a rousing conclusion. I enjoyed reading this exciting tale and what it teaches about overcoming fear to do the deed at hand.