Silver on the Tree: The Dark is Rising Sequence Book Five

Silver on the Tree - Susan Cooper

The final volume of The Dark is Rising series begins with Will and his brothers, James and Stephen, enjoying the rarity of a lazy, hot summer's day together. Will thinks life cannot get better than this, but he soon realizes it is but a lull before the great and last battle against the Dark.


Brief visions come to Will from the past. He slips entirely out of his own time and arrives shortly before the battle of Badon in Arthurian times. There Will understands what his next quest is: retrieve the Six Signs of the Light, joined by Wayland Smith in the 20th century at the end of the second book. Wayland now labors long in the 5th century to make enough weapons for Arthur and his men for their great battle against the Dark. Will has only a night and a day to bring the Signs back from his own time and return them to Arthur.


Failure is not option. If Will does not succeed and call the Circle of the Light into battle, Merriam Lyon gives a grim vision of the future. "The High Magic which guards [the Signs] will take them outside Time, and the only advantage the Light holds in this great mater will be lost forever." Whether Will succeeds or not, the coming battle against the Dark in his own will be terrible. Swept up into it are Bran and the Drew children.


This is an awesome series recommended for anyone who loves a great adventurous fantasy. Epic!