Young Sherlock Holmes

Young Sherlock Holmes - Allan Arnold

In this novelization of the wonderful film by the same name, Alan Arnold tells - or is it Dr. John Watson? - of the first adventure of the famous crime-solving duo while the two are schoolboys in 1870. 


Watson writes in the first person to chronicle his meeting of the sleuth and the beginning of their great friendship. Their first case comes through a series of mysterious deaths ruled suicides by the police, but Sherlock is not so sure. The last words of one of the victims, a dear friend, gives the young man some clues. Holmes desperately implores Lestrade to follow up and involve the police in solving what he is sure are murders. Lestrade refuses until he himself survives what caused the others to die.


Until Lestrade sees the light, Holmes; his beloved friend, Elizabeth; and Watson come through many perils to discover the terrible truth behind the deaths and who is behind them all. 


This book is an immersive journey into Watson's long-held admiration for his beloved friend. One could believe he - not Arnold - wrote it. It makes me want to watch the movie again, which such books should do.