A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea

A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea: One Refugee's Incredible Story of Love, Loss, and Survival - Melissa Fleming

Wow. Imagine all your life you are scared to death of the water. While your family happily splashes around, you sit far away. Now imagine you survive for four days in the water after men filled with demonic hatred sink the boat you and your fiance were on in the hopes of  starting a new life in Europe. This is the story of Syrian refugee, Doaa Al Zamel.


I love the title of this book for hope and strong faith in God keeps her alive through not only this but other horrific ordeals. This puts a face and name, just like Dear World does, to those who must flee their beloved home because their own government desperately wishes to kill them. It is nothing short of a miracle Doaa survives her torturous journey, sustained by a Love stronger than the malice of her enemies, and by her love for two little children who are thrust until her care after the boat sinks and so many drown. They give her a reason to live. Her courage and endurance to bear the unbearable gives us all a reason to live. God means great things for her. May He continue to bless her. Already through this book, she is a conduit through which He speaks of His love and mercy for all those who suffer. Love is stronger than hate. Never lose hope.