The Lion of Sabray


What a fantastic love story! I don't mean lust or sex which the world confuses and thinks is love. I mean true love, as those in the military show for their brother-in-arms. This marvelous book details the life of Mohammed Gulab, a warrior from the age of eight and part of the mujahideen who sorely best the Russian invaders of Afghanistan.


Gulab's life changes forever once he encounters a gravely injured American warrior during the War on Terror, a Navy SEAL named Marcus Luttrell, who wrote about this time in Lone Survivor (another must-read). Gulab sees a light surrounding the wounded man and clearly hears a command that he firmly believes comes directly from God to protect Marcus. This Gulab takes very seriously with complete disregard to the terrible peril to his own life and those of his village, who help him carry out his divine order.  Though technically the American is his enemy, he openly defies the Taliban's orders to surrender the infidel. He and Marcus come from completely different worlds, religions, and languages. They can barely communicate with each other, neither knowing the other's tongue, but not all brothers come from the same blood, and no bond of love is stronger than family.


This book also includes recently declassified details about the extraordinarily dangerous and downright miraculous rescue of Marcus by other American warriors who also know what love is and what it can do. Again, not all brothers came from the same blood. What the military can teach us about love and loyalty and sacrifice! God bless them, Mohammed Gulab and all those who demonstrate love is stronger than fear and hatred.