The Darkest Day

The Iron Tower Omnibus - Dennis L. McKiernan

This omnibus includes all three books of The Iron Tower trilogy, but this review is only about the concluding volume, The Darkest Day. The journey that began in The Dark Tide and continued in Shadows of Doom finishes triumphantly here but not without grave cost. As with the first two books, it is a loving tribute to Tolkien, but even more its own unique, rousing tale that pulls you along and does not allow you time to take a breath until the costly victory comes. My kind of book!


If you like epic fantasy and Tolkien in particular, this oldie but goodie will strike your fancy. Here you will find Warrows (hobbits in all but name), Elves, Dwarves, and Men; swords that glow blue when foes are near; its own detailed appendices and chronology of events; and a tale based on the fortunate discovery of an ancient diary. (BTW, if you want to read how Tolkien discovered the Red Book, read Toward the Gleam, by T. M. Doran - what a great, fun book!).